Ali Al Bishi finished first in Doha Golf Club Championship 2013


The National Golf team player Ali Al Bishi finished first in men category from 0 to 9 HDCP in Doha Golf Championship, Christian Eisenring finished second, while Faisal Mir, the Qatar Golf Association player, finished third.

In the men category from 10 to 18 HDCP, Shehyar Arshad finished first, while Ibrhim Muslim finished second then Albert Du Plooy finished third place.

In the men category from 19 to 28 HDCP, Mohamed Effendi won first place, followed by Kwang Hyun Cho, then Terry Keating with 41 points.

In the ladies category of 0 to 18 Handicap won Leila Hreinnda 41 points, first place in the category of ladies Handicap 19 to 36 won first place Nada Mir player Qatar Golf Union with 51 points.

About the Junior teams, The team leaded by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Thani won the first place, It included Fahd Radwan Mir and Khalifa Albuainain.

Mr. Mohamed Faisal Al Nuaimi, the Executive Director of the Qatar Golf Association crowned the winners of the first places.