Development of Qatar Open

pic-golf-1-12-12Qatar Golf Association and since its establishment was focusing in the development of Qatari Golf and that through holding and hosting many events and mainly (Qatar Golf Open Championship). QGA started the open event since 1983. At that time the tournament used to be held at UmSaeed and Dokhan golf courses. The opening at Um Saeed and the closing day of the tournament at DUKAN course. Both were sandy courses and still!

QGA continued holding developing the Qatar Golf Open Tournament, and it spread to the Gulf countries first and then to golfers from other nationalities working in GCC countries.

One of the important steps that made the event more and more popular was in 1999 when QGA shifted the tournament to be played on Doha Golf International Course. The Course that is counted to be one of the magnificent course all over the World. That is European Tour witness.

The game reputation and name went far away to reach Asian countries. Players from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Philippine start to participate in the tournament, then more amateurs golfers from Europe. Now the championship is International.

More promising step taken by QGA by giving the Open winner the chance to participate and compete in Commercial Bank Qatar Masters! A chance to share the professionals their championship. This chance is a dream to all amateurs because it represents the first step to international golf and to professional world.

The 20th edition and onwards, of Qatar Open faced the organizing committee with a problem that more than 180 golfers apply to participate in the tournament! That made the committee to accept those of only 9 handicaps and below so as to minimize the number to 140 players, the maximum number that can compete according to course capacity.

Everyone will be hoping to be the lucky winner who will join the Commercial Bank Qatar Masters Championship. On other hand Doha Golf Club has done the best in arranging the International Course to be in shape that suites the Qatar Golf Open Championship.