Qatar Golf Association

Qatar and the World Handicap System

The way that handicaps are calculated will be changing shortly as golfers across the world move to the new World Handicap System.

Instead of handicap that doesn't change, you will be given an 'index'.  This will change, up or down, dependent upon the slope rating of the course, and tees, that you are playing.

Additionally, handicaps will be calculated by the QGA, at midnight, every day, and passed back to the golf club where you are a member.

For Qatar, we are having our very own Central Database of Handicaps created, which means, a member from a golf club in Qatar, can have their scores transferred between courses.  If an Education City Member, plays Doha Golf Club in a competition, their score will automatically be added to their index, at their home course.

This new transfer of data will be 'live' in August

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