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Qatar Women's Team


Qatar Golf Association (QGA) has 17 promising female members.

Shorouq Al Sowaidi, the pioneer of women’s golf in Qatar, started in 2004. She represented the country in the 2006 Doha Asian Games.

Yasmian Al Sharshani, who started in 2008, is the second woman golfer to participate in major events and is the only member of the women’s national team. Her first major competition was the 2011 Arab Championship in Morocco, while her most recent was the 2015 GCC Championship in Kuwait.

Nada Mir has followed suit in picking up the game in 2010. She has great potential in representing Qatar in future international tournaments.

Amira Hassan and Hoda Kolosi, who started in 2011, and Maryam Al Sada, who started in 2012, are currently honing their skills to be able to start playing in a more competitive level locally.

With the sports program of Aspire Academy, six females have been recruited in 2015, namely Layla Al Abdulla, Maryam Al Sorore, Anfal Al Sorore, Fatima Al Hussain, Sara Al Hussain and Tahani Al Shourouqi.

Also in 2015, Maryam Al Emdi, Shahd Rahim, Shouq Rahim, Fatima Rahim and Khadeeja Alsaffar, who are all under 10 years old, were introduced to golf and started learning the basics.


1. Yasmian Ghanim Al Sharshani 
2. Nada Rizwan Mir
3. Maryam Yasser Al Sada 


Season starts in September and ends in June


Sunday to Thursday
15:00 to 19:00


Mike Elliott
Tel: +974 44832 677

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