Qatar Golf Association

Vision, Mission, and Goals of the Qatar Golf Association

Vision, Mission, and Goals


- To be one of the leading countries in golf on a global level.

- To make golf popular and widely practiced among the Qatari community, becoming a favorite sport for both young and adult players.


- To enhance and develop the game of golf in Qatar through the provision of high-quality educational and training programs.

- To encourage and support youth in practicing golf and developing their skills through developmental programs and facilitating access to golf courses.

- To organize and sponsor local and international competitions and championships in Qatar, providing necessary support to Qatari players to achieve outstanding success in golf.


- To develop a strong base of golf players in Qatar and improve their skills and performance.

- To establish Qatar as a leading sports destination for golf in the region and the world.

- To nurture the talents of Qatari youth in golf and provide suitable opportunities for discovering and supporting promising talents.

- To enhance cooperation and communication with international golf associations, participating in international events and tournaments.

- To promote values of integrity, sportsmanship, and ethical conduct in the game of golf in Qatar, and encourage positive values and ethics among Qatari golf players.

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